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1997 Grads
1998 Grads

1997 Graduating Class

1998 Graduating Class




Pappu, once a successful businessman found himself addicted to smoking heroin. After squandering his career, money and nearly losing his family, he prayed with Dr. Varghese.

God moved powerfully in his life and he found freedom from addiction and new life in Jesus Chris. God restoration his business, his health and his family, Now he is a living miracle, a powerful testimony of restoration along with his wife and three children
I was born in a nominal Christian family. My father was a well known alcoholic in Jhansi. I started drinking at a very early age seeing his father's consumption. I started marijuana (ganga, charas) in college using alcohol intermittently. After graduation I worked as a pathology laboratory technician. I thought I could control the drinking and drugs but eventually, because of my drug abused life I lost my job and was dismissed.

My Pastor heard about Teen Challenge through another graduate and brought Me to Lucknow Teen Challenge in 2004.
I stayed two years, repented, was born again baptized and studied three years in Southern Asia Bible Seminary. God blessed me with a beautiful wife and 2children. Now I am the Pastor of the Teen Challenge A.G.Church.
I was born and brought up in a nominal Christian home. My mother was from Northeast and my father was in the army . I was a rebellious child from the very beginning of schooling because my father was not around . I was addicted to pornography and marijuana and it destroyed my education.
Because I of my habit, I was unable to complete University. An Assemblies of God pastor brought me to Lucknow Teen Challenge in 2005. I repented, confessed Christ as my King, baptized and studied in Lucknow THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE  three years. Now I am pastoring an Assemblies of God church in a village in Lucknow district. God blessed me with a incredible wife with a heart for missions and a wonderful son.



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